Autors: Hensel, S., Marinov, M. B., Sprich, F.
Title: Automated Acoustic Hit Detection and Score Calculation on a Steel Dartboard
Keywords: Dartboard, cross-correlation, audio signals

Abstract: In the presented approach, the impact point of the arrow is to be determined by the cross-correlation of audio signals. The impact of the arrow generates a characteristic noise, which is converted into electrical signals by several microphones in a certain arrangement around the dartboard. With the help of the speed of sound and the time differences, which the sound wave requires to the individual microphones, the impact point is then to be calculated.



    Proceedings of the 9th FDIBA Conference - Challenges of the Digital World, Sofia, Bulgaria, 28–29 November 2019, vol. 5, pp. 75-78, 2019, Bulgaria, ISSN 2535-132

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