Autors: Кирилов С. М., Dichev, I. D., Trushev, I. M., Mladsenov, V. M.
Title: Analysis of a LCM equivalent circuit of memristor and impulse voltage sources
Keywords: Williams’s memristor, computer simulation, impulse mode, par

Abstract: An equivalent inductance (L), capacitance (C) and memristance (M) (LCM) scheme of Williams’s memristor with impulse voltage source is given in the presented paper. Computer simulation of the circuit is realized in MATLAB & SIMULINK environment. The parasitic inductance and capacitance of the memristor are obtained by approximate method and they are associated with a square memristor matrix with length of 3 cm and width of 3 cm. The transient response of investigated memristor circuit is obtained in graphical form. Sources of rectangular and triangular voltage pulses are also used in implementing the simulations. The basic diagrams in graphical form are obtained. Several basic conclusions and deductions in time domain and frequency domain properties of Williams’s memristor are made. Conclusions for behavior of Williams’s memristor at very high frequencies with rendering an account of its parasitic inductance and capacitance are also presented.



    Summer School Advanced aspects of Theoretical Electrical Engineering Sozopol'12, 2012, Bulgaria,

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