Autors: Petrov, N. I., Dimitrova, K. Y., Kolev N.
Title: Assessment of the bugs probability in software systems
Keywords: probability, bug, software systems, modeling, Industry 4.0,

Abstract: The relevance of the assessment is determined by the requirements of the modern information revolution 4.0. This revolution defines the requirement to minimize the risks of bugs in information processing and management systems. In this regard, a mathematical model has been proposed that allows evaluating the characteristics of bugs (software errors) in software systems. This creates a possibility to predict their reliability in design and operation. Assessing the likelihood (probability) of bugs is an element of overall reliability and influences decision makers about the future use of software systems. The numerical example to the created model is based on the processing of specific experimental data from observations and research. It has a probabilistic nature and reliability of prediction, which largely depends on the accuracy of the initial data and the depth of diagnosis over time.



    Engineering Sciences, pp. 33-40, 2020, Bulgaria, Journal of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Engineering Sciences, ISSN 1312-5702

    Copyright Engineering Sciences

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