Autors: Videkov, V. H., I. Vrublevsky., Tzaneva, B. R., K. Chernyakova.
Title: Pore formation in highly ordered anodic alumina templates controlled by the rate of electrolyte stirring at the oxide surface
Keywords: anodic oxide template; copper nanocomposite; copper nanowires; fluxes, transmission spectrum

Abstract: This paper presents the studies on the cooling of the aluminum surface during its anodization by controlling the rate of electrolyte stirring and its effect on the morphology of the nanoporous anodic films. The obtained data demonstrates the possibility to control the pore diameter during the anodizing process without changing the anodizing voltage and interpore distance. This allows a higher utilization factor of the anode oxide when it is used as a matrix to obtain metal nanowires.



    2020 IEEE XXIX International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), 2020, Bulgaria, IEEE, doi: 10.1109/ET50336.2020.9238327

    Copyright IEEE

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