Autors: Nedelcheva, S. I., Matsankov, M. I., Mehmed Hassan.
Title: Study of the options for joining decentralized electricity generation to the power distribution grid
Keywords: decentralized energy sources, distribution networks

Abstract: A developed methodology, combined with the application of the theory of graphs, is presented in this paper with the purpose of studying the options for connecting decentralized energy sources to the power distribution electric grids under different criteria: minimum power losses, minimal amount of undelivered energy and discounted costs. The methodology is applied for a study of the options for connecting decentralized sources to an open power distribution grid and to a single-loop network. The optimal option is selected according to the selected criterion. It is possible to calculate and indicate the optimal options for each of the three criteria.



    , 2020, Bulgaria, DOI: 10.1109/EEAE49144.2020.9279073

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