Autors: Nedelchev, N. A., Matsankov, M. I.
Title: Increasing The Sensitivity Of The Digital Relay Protection Against Turn-To-Turn Short Circuits And Asymmetries In Wind Power Generators
Keywords: Wind power generators turn-to-turn short circuits digital re

Abstract: The paper describes the implementation of neural networks for increasing the sensitivity of the digital relay protection against turn-to turn short circuits in the stator winding and asymmetric modes in wind power generators. Models have been developed for monitoring two standard and two emergency mode parameters, whose deviation from the set-points is an indication of occurrence of turn-to-turn short circuits and asymmetric modes, or of combinationsof these types of failures. An artificial neural network, trained by error back-propagation algorithm hasbeen used. An experiment has been conducted to define the four criteria for studying the problemat different percentage of the short-circuit turns. A comparison between the results from both the experiment and the modeling has been made using artificial neural networks. The proposed approach, realized by means of a digital relay, allows for increasing the sensitivity of the digit



    CEEGE - 2020, 2020, China,

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