Autors: Dimitrov, E. T.
Title: Computer program for indicator diagram processing of the internal combustion engine
Keywords: Computer program, Indicator diagram processing, Internal com

Abstract: The article presents computer program for processing an indicator diagram of internal combustion engines developed by the author. The program input data are engine construction and operating parameters and cylinder pressure data array. The input data is saved to user files with *.txt and *.xls extensions. As a result of program execution, the following are calculated: engine indicator parameters; in cylinder working substance temperature; the rate of pressure increase; the current values of the heat-release and net heat-release and other quantities. The program is developed in a Matlab environment, compiled into an executable (*.exe) file and works in dialog mode. All calculations results are recorded in a custom file. This file is opened and saved with Microsoft Excel. The program is applicable by spark ignition and compression ignition engines working with: gasoline, LPG, CNG, diesel, diesel-LPG dual fuel, diesel-CNG dual fuel and diesel-hydrogen dual fuel.



    EKOVarna 2020, 2020, Bulgaria, doi:10.1088/1757-899X/977/1/012012

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