Autors: Mitov, A. S., Kralev, J. K., Slavov, T. N., Angelov, I. I.
Title: Design of H-infinity Tracking Controller for Application in Autonomous Steering of Mobile Machines
Keywords: Autonomous steering, H-infinity controller, Mobile machines, Tracking

Abstract: The purpose of the designed H∞ controller is to drive effectively the hydraulic system and to make it follow the desired trajectory, which is commanded by a joystick, steering wheel or geographic based data. To design the controller we used the experimentally identified SIMO linear mathematical model. The identification procedure is based on random excitation signals and prediction error methods for regressive discrete-time equations. The input of the mathematical model is the voltage applied to the spool driver EH module (PVE) and the outputs of the model are the spool position of the proportional valve in the steering unit, flow rate and the cylinder piston position. These output variables carry important information about the state of the system and can be used to increase performance in respect to the case, when using only the cylinder piston position or pressure signals. We have already experimented with various control strategies for the identified mathematical model.



    19th International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development, ERD 2020, pp. 871-876, 2020, Latvia, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, DOI: 10.22616/ERDev.2020.19.TF209

    Copyright Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

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