Autors: Z, T. A., Ivanov.
Title: Numerical investigation of the mechanical behaviour of a structural element containing a self-healing agent
Keywords: cement-based composite, healing agent, damage mechanics, fin

Abstract: This paper presents a virtual experiment on the behaviour of a self-healing material from the family of cement-based composites, that contains a healing agent. A numerical model of a specimen made of a cement-based material, and containing a healing agent is subjected to the loading configuration of the four-point bending test, whereby the forces are applied in a quasi-static way. The response of the healed specimen is compared to the response of a specimen that doesn’t contain a healing agent. For the specimen that contains a healing agent, homogenization techniques are used to determine the characteristics of the equivalent material (cement-based composite / healing agent) in zones where damage and macro-cracking have occurred, i.e., zones in which the healing agent has been activated. The main result of this contribution is the formulation and validation of a numerical simulation approach suitable for modelling the mechanical behaviour of self-healing cement-based composites.



    , 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/1002/1/012015

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