Autors: Petrov, D. G., Dimitrov, D. N.
Title: Dynamometric proving ring with nonconstant geometrical characteristics of its cross-sections
Keywords: proving ring, deflection characteristic with respect to appl

Abstract: This work presents the work of studying separately by means of a theoretical approach and by means of three dimensional modeling (by CAD) of the characteristic - diametrical deformation depending on the diametrical load of a dynamometric ring whose cross-section is not constant in its geometry. The way to obtain this dependence through the theoretical approach is demonstrated by applying the method of numerical integration of the expressions obtained by applying the second Castigliano's theorem in order to find the displacement of the point of application of concentrated force in the direction of its line of action. Also given are the results of the simulation loading of the 3-D model of the investigated ring. Finally, these all results are compared with the experimental ones and some conclusions are made.



    Proceedingd of VIII International Conference - Industrial Engineering and Environmental Protection (IIZS 2018), 11-12th October Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin", pp. 123 - 130, 2018, Serbia, Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin", ISBN 978-86-7672-309-6

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