Autors: Pavlova, M. T., Atanasova, R. P.
Title: Developing a creative method for reuse of clothing
Keywords: clothing, upcycling, mulage, capsule wardrobe, denim

Abstract: The article proposes a creative method for reducing textile waste from the sewing industry. A street fashion collection of denim clothing has been created. A combination of three approaches was used: the concept of a capsule wardrobe when selecting the types and styles of clothing in the collection; upcycling as an idea for reusing sewing products; a moulage draping method in developing patterns of the garment. To confirm the results, physical samples of the products were sewed. The proposed approach develops the creative thinking of the designer and individual skills of the clothing pattern maker. The anti-consumer attitude of clothing customers to the planet’s resources is being nurtured. The effect is also enhanced by the focus on denim products, whose production is one of the largest in the textile industry. The approach opens up a market niche with the ability to set up a small business online.



    25th Scientific Conference on Power Engineering and Power Machines, vol. 207, 2020, Bulgaria,

    Вид: публикация в национален форум с межд. уч., индексирана в Scopus