Autors: Atanasova, R. P.
Title: Women’s clothing with eco design features
Keywords: women’s clothing, eco design, fabric waste

Abstract: In the paper, women’s wear with eco design features is created and manufactured. The object of the study is a dress in a semi-slim silhouette. The patterns of the garment are constructed automatically using a specialized CAD system. Algorithms for geometric construction of pieces and production patterns have been developed. The technology for manufacturing the dress has been composed. Markers for robotic cutting of the articles are planned. Three dresses are sewn. Each dress is decorated differently with elements cut from the fabric waste. The result of the proposed approach is three styles of clothing with three different unique looks with minimized textile waste. The artistic design of clothing with eco features demonstrates creative approach and good textile knowledge on the various methods of design and technological processing of materials. Using the fabric waste after cutting requires innovative thinking in order to make the garment attractive and to be preferred by a wider rang



    25th Scientific Conference on Power Engineering and Power Machines, vol. 207, 2020, Bulgaria, ISSN 2267-1242

    Вид: публикация в национален форум с межд. уч., индексирана в Scopus