Autors: Zhmud V.A., Taichenachev A., Dimitrov, L. V., Semibalamut V.
Title: Smart Phase Locking of the Frequency of Two Identical Lasers to Each Other
Keywords: automatics; electronics; frequency auto-tuning; frequency me

Abstract: The paper considers the main aspects of ensuring phase-locked looping of two lasers to each other. This problem is extremely important for laser physics. In traditional systems, this binding was carried out by using two circuits, namely frequency tuning and phase tuning. The tuning loop provides capture conditions, but in capture mode, it interferes with the operation of the phase loop and reduces the accuracy of the entire system. In addition, this solution is unnecessarily cumbersome, which increases the cost of the system and complicates its implementation, configuration and use. The proposed technical solution is based on the use of other types of phase detectors, namely, frequency-phase detectors. To be able to use them, a pulse shaper must be introduced into the system, which converts the input harmonic signals containing amplitude modulation and high frequency noises, and probably, low-frequency noise, to standard fixed-level signals with sharp edges. In this case, the propagat



    2018 14th International Scientific-Technical Conference on Actual Problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering, APEIE 2018, pp. 319-326, 2018, Russia, ISBN 978-153867054-5/ DOI 10.1109/APEIE.2018.8545201

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