Autors: Stoilova, S. D.
Title: An integrated multi-criteria and multi-objective optimization approach for establishing the transport plan of intercity trains
Keywords: Compromise programming,Epsilon-constraint method,Multi-crite

Abstract: The main objective of the study is to propose an integrated approach to determine the transport plan of passenger trains. The methodology consists of five steps. In the first step, the criteria for optimization of the transport plan were defined. In the second step, variants of the transport plan were formulated. In the third step, the weights of the criteria are determined by applying the step-wise weight assessment ratio analysis method (SWARA) multi-criteria method. The multi-objective optimization was conducted in the fourth step. The following multi-objective optimization approaches were used and compared: weighted sum method (WSM), compromise programming method (CP), and the epsilon-constraint method (EC). The study proposes a modified epsilon-constraint method (MEC)and hybrid methods. The Laplace's criterion, Hurwitz's criterion, and Savage's criterion were applied to come to a decision. The approbation of the methodology was demonstrated through the case of Bulgaria's railways.



    Sustainability, vol. 12, issue 687, pp. 24, 2020, Switzerland, MPDI, doi:10.3390/su12020687

    Copyright MPDI

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