Autors: Durakova, A., Bogoeva, A. L., Yanakieva, V., Gogova, Tzv., Dimov, I., Krasteva, R., Dosheva, K.
Title: Storage studies of subtropical fruit Lucuma in powdered form
Keywords: bioactive compounds; Brunauer-Emmett-Teller model; lucuma; monolayer moisture; subtropical fruit

Abstract: In the present paper, we examined Lucuma powder. Nowadays, the subtropical fruit has been considerate as a functional food product with health benefits, a source of bioactive compounds (BAC), knows as part of “Superfoods”. The current scientific research is focused on the two different experimental types of storage. The Lucuma powder was packed in a co-extruded barrier film with copolymer covering for heat sealing. The first storage was executed for three months at initial humidity of the product – 9.71%, stored at room temperature – 18°С÷25°С and relative air humidity of 45% to 55%. The storage regime was optimized to six months at the same condition (temperature and relative humidity). Flour was dried to humidity – 2.95%, corresponded monolayer moisture content (MMC), and determined using linealization of Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) equation. Those results about MMC for adsorption were in the range of 2.93% to 4.18 % and for desorption – from 2.56% to 4.17%. During the studies of L



    Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 25, issue 6, pp. 1287-1292, 2019, Bulgaria, Agricultural Academy, ISSN 13100351

    Copyright Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science

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