Autors: Jivkov, V. S., Draganov, V. A.
Title: Kinetic Energy Storage Systems – Possibilities and Applications (Hybrid propulsion systems with KES systems in vehicles)
Keywords: kinetic energy storage, flywheel, variable transmissions

Abstract: In the present monograph, the authors present the main results obtained of their many years of work on this subject at the Faculty of Industrial Technology of Technical University – Sofia. The contents covers such topics as elements of the dynamics of elastically suspended high-speed flywheels: with limited excitations, resonance transition, stability of vibrations, influence of the dynamic characteristic of the electric motor in case of electric drive line; stress state of high-speed flywheels; possibilities for energy recovery during different transport cycles, kinetic energy storage systems behavior with various transmissions (mechanical, electrical and hydrostatic) for different types of vehicular application; the influence of the kinetic moment of the flywheel on the lateral slip of the tires in the condition of vehicle movement in turns.



    , 2021, Bulgaria, Softrade, ISBN ISBN 978-954-334-243-3

    Вид: монография/части от монография