Autors: Gueorgiev, V. T., Ibram, D. Y.
Title: Control of Reactive Power of a Single-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter
Keywords: reactive power

Abstract: A discussion about reactive power of a single-phase inverter in photovoltaic (PV) systems is presented in this paper. Compensation of loads with variable signs as well as regulation of reactive power at the output of a single phase PV inverter are considered. The active power losses caused by reactive power can be effectively compensated by control of cos . This can be achieved by renewable energy sources. Renewables have found a place as an alternative to coal power plants. That is because they present a method of clean electric energy generation. The operating regimes of a grid connected single phase PV inverter, the impact of PV systems over triangle of powers and different control strategies have been studied. In this paper a simple 8-bit controller is proposed to regulate reactive power flow through a grid-connected PV inverter. The structure and control algorithm of the controller are presented.



    12th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference, BulEF 2020, 2020, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-172819439-4

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