Autors: Mihova, T. B.
Title: Digital marketing as a prerequisite for innovation in the tourism business of Plovdiv
Keywords: digital marketing, digital content, social media, competitiv

Abstract: The purpose of this report is to explore the application of digital marketing by the tourism business in Plovdiv, one of the most attractive regions of Bulgaria, as a prerequisite for creating innovation and, on the basis of this, to offer specific guidance in which areas and what innovations appropriate to evolve to succeed. The research methods used are analysis and evaluation of statistics for the Plovdiv district, obtained from the National Statistical Institute (NSI) of Bulgaria, as well as the study of scientific literature.The results of the study show that it is appropriate for the tourism and hotel business in the Plovdiv region to apply innovations in the following areas: (1) innovations focusing on the culture and historical heritage of the region; (2) innovations presenting new ways of implementing organizations' activities and processes; and (3) innovations that focus on environmental protection. Applying these types of innovations, tourism industry companies are expected



    Institute of Knowledge Management, International Journal, 2019, Macedonia, ISBN ISSN 2545-4439, ISSN 1857-923X

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