Autors: Angelov, I. A.
Title: Optimal Control Synthesis of Semi Active Vehicle Suspension
Keywords: semi active vehicle suspension, optimal control synthesis, control systems, RQ regulator, damping systems

Abstract: The paper discusses the problems related with the synthesis of а linear quadratic (LQ) regulator of a semi active vehicle suspension. The synthesis combines the control through output variables with such by the input excitation i.e. classical LQ regulator with Compensator. The physical nonlinearities of the controllable magneto-rheological semi-active damper are taken into an account with the including in the feedback control circuit an inverse damper model. . A reduced suspension model is used to illustrate the synthesis (quarter car model).



    , 2019, Bulgaria, IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering 618:012062, DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/618/1/012062

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