Autors: Sinapov, P. V.
Title: Modeling a bar element to study impact processes in elastic-plastic mechanical systems
Keywords: FEM, Nonlinear bar element, Plastic deformation

Abstract: The current paper is focused on modeling of a nonlinear bar element. The purpose is to study the elastic and plastic deformations of mechanical systems, caused by impact forces. The distribution of an impact wave in elastic-plastic mechanical system is considered, based on a numerical example. In the current paper the influence of the period of action of the external force, the influence of the internal resistance and the influence of the mass distribution are defined. The problem is solved using Мatlab Simulink.


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Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, vol. 26, issue 2, pp. 258-271, 2020, Bulgaria, Scibulcom Ltd., ISSN 1310-4772

Copyright Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, Scibulcom Ltd.

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