Autors: Vitkov, N. E.
Title: Greenhouse Emissions And Prospects For Local Fuel TPPs In Bulgaria
Keywords: local energy resource, basic TPP, energy sector adaptation, ecology, EU regulations, energy dependence.

Abstract: Abstract — The basic energy TPPs in Bulgaria operate with the only local energy resource of low-caloric lignite. Regulation 2018/842 of EU does not set high restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from Bulgarian TPPs until 2030, which would allow operation of lignite-fired power plants, but after that the prospects for the fate of fossil energy are not promising. The operation of the only Bulgarian NPP (Ko-zloduy) depends on external geopolitical factors and its future is uncertain. The basic TPPs and NPP produce about 75% of the electricity in Bulgaria. The question is whether the Bulgar-ian energy sector will be able to adapt to the new require-ments - minimum carbon emissions and pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. Technical possibilities exist and can be par-ticularly financed by the EU, but up to 2020 there are no energy projects in Bulgaria with the potential to replace the basic fossil thermal power plants, and the construction of large energy facilities requires, among ot



    , 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/BulEF51036.2020.9326087

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