Autors: Vitkov, N. E.
Title: European Policy On Air Pollutants And Basic Thermal Power Plants In Bulgaria
Keywords: lignite TPP, ecology, air pollution restrictions, energy sector survival, geo-policy and energy dependence.

Abstract: Abstract — The aim of the paper is to discuss the basic Bulgarian Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) operating opportunities in conditions of the EU present and future air pollution restrictions, not taking into account the long-term “Green deal” implementation. These TPPs are determining in Bulgarian energy production sector, using the only local available energy source – low calorific lignite with high sulfur and ash content, producing great quantity greenhouse and acidic gases, ash and dust, containing heavy metals, poisonous nonmetals etc. The TPPs are quite different in age – the energy blocks of public, TPP (Maritsa East -2) was put into operation in period from 1966 to 1995, in very different ecology requirements. The other two, private (American owned) TPPs are much younger, entered into operation in 2009 and 2011 for “Contour Global Maritsa East 3 TPP” and “AES Galabovo TPP” respectively. From ecological point of view, these TPPs are similar, using same fuel, combustion technology a



    , 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/BulEF51036.2020.9326030

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