Autors: Vitkov, N. E.
Title: Potential For Energy Production From Landfill Methane In Bulgaria
Keywords: MSW, processing, landfill methane, environmental impact, energy potential, safety

Abstract: The possibilities of processing the old MSW accumulated in the open landfills have been considered in order to minimize their long-term environmental impact on the air, water and soils, as well as the inevitable additional negative impacts on the environment in their processing. Some potential challenges and difficulties related to the accomplishment of this task are highlighted - transportation logistics, pre-treatment, recultivation of the terrains, as well as the possibilities for the implementation of the useful technologies of thermal processing. An approach is proposed to estimate the potential for the production of landfill methane from decommissioned landfills using the freely available Exel-based LandGem program of the US EPA. The quantitative potential for landfill methane production from the point of view of partial temporary diversification of fuel sources - methane in Bulgaria is analyzed. The technical and economic parameters of landfill methane capture projects are brie



    , 2019, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-1-7281-2697-5

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