Autors: Vitkov, N. E.
Title: Conceivable Environmental And Energy Benefits Of The Solid Municipal Waste Utilization For Energy Production In Bulgaria
Keywords: municipal solid waste, landfill gas, methane, greenhouse effect, infiltrate pollutes, waste processing, energy potential, environmental benefits.

Abstract: The main treatment method of municipal solid waste (MSW) in Bulgaria is disposal in open landfills without hermetic lining membrane and leachate collecting system – the most aggressive to the environment. Free atmospheric methane from MSW intensifies the greenhouse effect, the leachate pollutes the soil and water, and the waste itself destroys the natural terrain and disrupts the ecosystem's balance in the area. Spontaneous fires in depots happens and leads to large-scale gassing and dusting in settlements and natural sites. To estimate the energy potential of the generated MSW in Bulgaria, the approximate composition of the waste was determined as a potential biofuel for energy production. Based on official data, the quantities, structure and composition of the generated gas emissions from landfills in Bulgaria have been analyzed. The potential environmental benefits and energy benefits by replacing landfilling with thermal treatment were assessed with the main technologies implement



    , 2019, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-1-7281-2697-5

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