Autors: Atanasov, I. I.
Title: Protocols Models of Quality of Service Control in Multimedia Networks
Keywords: Quality of Service, Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem, Labeled Transition Systems, Behavioral equivalence

Abstract: One of the main requirements of future all Internet protocol based multimedia networks is to provide Quality of Service (QoS). In such networks, QoS is based on the concept of policy-based admission control. The admission control uses information about user session, resource availability, subscriber profile and operator defined policy. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to negotiate QoS parameters of multimedia sessions while Diameter protocol is used for authorization and usage monitoring of resources intended for multimedia traffic. In this paper, protocol models of QoS resources assigned to multimedia session are suggested. The models reflect the SIP and Diameter protocol views. The models are formally presented and it is proved that both models expose a synchronized behavior.



    Journal Computer and Communications Engineering, 2012, Albania,

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