Autors: Atanasov, I. I., Pencheva, E. N., Dobrev, R. S.
Title: Study on Access Network Discovery and Selection Based on Intelligent Resource Management in EPS
Keywords: Access network discovery and selection, Application Server, Evolved Packet System, Policy and Charging Control

Abstract: The paper investigates the interworking between Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) and Policy and Charging Rules Function in the Evolved Packet System (EPS). ANDSF allows the network operator to define policies that prioritize between different access technologies if several non-3GPP access networks are available. Generic functions of the interface between ANDSF and PCRF are identified and signaling procedures are designed. ANDSF may interact with policy and charging control to assist the resource reservation in re-selection and handover procedures; and with application logic to provide user location information. A use case is considered in order to illustrate the usage of the proposed extended functionality.



    Congress Proceedings, vol. 2, pp. 166-171, 2012, Bulgaria,

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