Autors: Rusev, R. P., Angelov, G. V., Ruskova, I. N., Gieva, E. E., Nikolov, D. N., Spasova, M. L., Hristov, M. H., Radonov, R. I.
Title: COMSOL Model of a Three-Gate Junctionless Transistor
Keywords: junctionless transistor, nanowire, TCAD, 3D strucutre model, air sensor

Abstract: Channel length influence on the nanowire parameters and characteristics at different gate voltages for applications in junctionless transistors (JLTs) are analyzed. The density-gradient effective mass tensor of the charge carriers is studied. The results obtained are used to indicate a compromise between performance and minimum dimensions for JLT sensor applications.



    32nd International Conference on Microelectronics - MIEL 2021, September 12th – 14th , 2021, pp. 93-96, 2021, Serbia, ISBN 978-1-6654-4528-3

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