Autors: Nikolov, N. K., Gotseva, D. A.
Title: Development of a method for automotive engine control unit modification for achieving different operating modes using software correction
Keywords: ECU , Microcontroller, Firmware, Software , Engine

Abstract: This article describes the development of a method for automotive fuel injection engine control unit (ECU) modification for aimed at achieving operating modes such as Economy (ECO) and Sport using software alteration. The article researches the offered pattern and demonstrates the experimental staging. An automotive ECU, microcontroller and software are used for the experimental stage. The ECO mode is used to achieve fuel economy and the Sport mode are used to achieve more engine power. The microprocessor used to switch between ECU modes is PIC18F14k22 and the ROM flash memory which stores the firmware for the two modes is AM29F400BB. The ECU used in the research is Sagem s2000. In the article, both the hardware and the software modifications are described as well as the experimental results.



    International Scientific Conference on Aeronautics, Automotive and Railway Engineering and Technologies (BulTrans-2020) 10-13 September 2020, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2020, Bulgaria, Sozopol, ISBN IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 1002 012024

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