Autors: Bondarenko, V., FilipovaPetrakieva, S. K., Taralova, I., Andreev, D. A.
Title: Forecasting time series for power consumption data in different buildings using the fractional Brownian motion
Keywords: stochastic model, fractional Brownian motion (fBm), paramete

Abstract: The paper discusses the problem related to the individual household electric power consumption of objects in different areas – industry, farmers, banks, hospitals, theaters, hostels, supermarkets, universities. The main goal of the research is to estimate the active P and full S power consumptions for all studied buildings. Three problems are solved there. 1-st problem studies which buildings increase their power consumption. 2-nd one finds which objects have the greatest increase in power consumption. And 3-rd one regards if it is possible to make a short-term forecast, based on the solutions of previous two problems. The present research and solving of the aforementioned problems is conducted using fractional Brownian motion theory. The applicability of this approach is illustrated in the example with 20 real objects in different areas. The paper ends with conclusion notes about possibilities to make short-term forecasts about the power consumption of the considered buildings.



    International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal processing, vol. 12, pp. 646 - 652, 2018, United States, ISSN 1998-4464

    Copyright North Atlantic University Union (NAUN)

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