Autors: Stankov, I. S., Gotseva, D. A.
Title: An Overview of Security and Risk Management in Business Intelligence Systems
Keywords: business intelligence systems, security and risk management, ISO/IEC 27000, ISO/IEC 31000, ISO/IEC 22301

Abstract: In modern business taking right and tamely decisions is of great importance. Business intelligence systems substantially ease the taking of management decisions which are based on analyzed, timely and accurate information. Providing security and risk management is of critical importance. This article presents some of the most frequently used systems that help in taking business decisions as well as a few ISO standards that provide the so important security and risk management in the used business analytical systems.



    III International Conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development, 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/HiTech51434.2020.9363990

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