Autors: Antonov, I. S., Antonov, S. I., Velichkova, R. T., Denev, I. N.
Title: Equations for motion on a two-phase flow in cylindrical coordinates
Keywords: turbulent flow, two-phase flow, cylindrical coordinates

Abstract: In investigation of number of turbulent flows with axial symmetry, it is imperative to use equations for movement, heat transfer and impurities and for continuity in cylindrical coordinates. In presented work is made an analysis of the current equations for motion in cylindrical coordinates by Reynolds type, mentioning a number of developments in Bulgaria. The solution for flow with axial symmetry in cylindrical coordinates is, however, more appropriate using the Navies-Stokes equations using the so called "effective viscosity".



    Mechanics Transport Communications, academic journal, vol. 17, issue 1, 2019, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1312-3823 (print), ISSN 2367-6620 (online)

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    1. Neven J. Krystev, Research of the influence of the degree of rotation, excess air coefficient and gas dyameter on the chemical incompleteness of combustion at a limited diffusion gas burning torch, Announcement of union of scientists, Sliven, vol. 34(2), pp.: 50-55, 2019 - 2019 - в български издания

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