Autors: Minkovska, D. V., Ivanova, M. S.
Title: Security in multimedia information systems: Analysis and prediction
Keywords: Security, Multimedia information system, eLearning, Machine learning, Predictive model

Abstract: Nowadays, a big part of eLearning applications is web-based, designed with integrated interactive multimedia objects and extensive information exchange among clients and servers. This requires appropriate security measures to be taken to protect users, infrastructure and databases from a variety of threats and attacks. The paper presents the developed multimedia information system for eLearning purposes to train students from the Informatics course. It is realized through object-oriented language C# and Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.Net, HTML5, CSS3, SQL Server Manager Studio and ToolBook and it is constructed taking into account the importance of security issues for protection the participants in educational process and university resources. The literature overview based on bibliometrics approach is performed to outline the current state in the field of security of multimedia information systems.



    Methodologies and Intelligent Systems for Technology Enhanced Learning, 10th International Conference. Workshops. MIS4TEL 2020. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol. 1236, pp. 15-24, 2021, Italy, Springer, Cham, Print 978-3-030-52286-5,

    Copyright Springer, Cham

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