Autors: Gieva, E. E., Rusev, R. P., Angelov, G. V., Takov, T. B., Hristov, M. H.
Title: Simulation of branching hydrogen bonding network in Cadence
Keywords: Hydrogen bonding network, behavioral modeling, Verilog-a, pr

Abstract: Microelectronic circuit based on branching hydrogen bonding network with water molecules is modeled. The hydrogen bonds of the network are presented by electronic block-elements in a microelectronic circuit. These block-elements and their electrical connections are coded in Cadence Spectre simulator where transient and DC analyses are performed. The simulations from Cadence are compared to previously obtained Matlab simulations. The results from the DC analysis show that the circuit behavior is similar to a current source or amplifier. The transient analysis shows that the circuit analogous to the hydrogen bonding network can operate as triangle pulse source.



    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference Systems, Power, Control, Robotics (SCORPORO'12), pp. 171-176, 2012, Singapore, ISBN 978-1-61804-094-7

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