Autors: Iliev I., Terziev, A. K., Beloev H., Nikolaev I., Georgiev A.
Title: Comparative analysis of the energy efficiency of different types co-generators at large scales CHPs
Keywords: CHP power plants, relative analysis, cogenerators, financial analysis

Abstract: The comparative engineering analysis for the following cogenerator types have been performed: eleven Jenbacher piston engines J920 (Jenbacher, 11xJ920) with an installed power capacity per engine of 9.52 MW; 2 S Gas Turbines SGT-800 (Siemens 2 x SGT-800) with an installed power capacity of each turbine of 56.35 MW; one General Electric Gas Turbine 6F.03 (GE 1  6F.03) with the installed power capacity of 83.05 MW. Considered variants of co-generators should replace ineffectively operating existing unit in summer mode in a large scale CHP, which includes steam boiler TGMP-344A and steam turbine T-250/300-240-2. A multi-parameter analysis was performed to select a cogeneration plant and for the first time is one of the largest district heating plants of Central and Eastern Europe, incorporating several different technologies (gas turbine installation, gas-piston engine).



    , 2021, Bulgaria, Energy, DOI: 10.1016/ ISSN: 03605442

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