Autors: Terziev, A. K., Stoyak V., Ushakov V., Brazhanova D., Suleimanov S.
Title: Analysis of the opportunities for improving energy efficiency in public buildings
Keywords: public buildings, energy efficiency,

Abstract: Reducing energy consumption and maintaining an appropriate indoor air quality in buildings is a global trend. This is achieved in several ways – improving the building envelope thermal characteristics; fuel base replacement; introduction of smart energy consumption tracking systems. The aim of this paper is an analysis of the impact of energy efficiency measures introduced in buildings that provide health services. Measures have been taken to improve the energy performance of the envelope, as well as to modernize the system for the production and distribution of thermal energy. One complete year after energy savings measures implemented the total energy savings of 37.9% have been achieved. Further economic assessment has been made regarding the profitability of the applied measures.



    , 2021, Russia,

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