Autors: Genbach A., Shokolakov K., Bondartsev D., Iliev I., Terziev, A. K.
Title: Research of specific destruction energy of the porous coatings at power units
Keywords: heat exchange, porous structure, heat power plants

Abstract: Methods and devices of the capillary porous system were developed for the turbine equipment of power plants. The scientific methodology of their research was established and study was carried out for the limit heat flows at metal and poor conductive porous structures as granite coatings working under joint action of gravity and capillary forces. Mathematical model is based on the thermoelasticity problem. Mechanism of the process destruction for analogy of heat exchange of poor conductive coatings of minor porosity and metal base was also described. The revealed values of specific destruction energy allow to extend the critical cases in the porous system of cooling and ensure the most suitable choice of porous coatings of minor porosity and heat conductivity.



    , 2021, Greece, ISSN 08619808

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