Autors: Antonov, S. I.
Title: Research on the Establishing of the Control System of the SlS Rapid Prototyping Machine
Keywords: Control Program, Rapid Prototype, Selective Laser Sintering, SLS Machine

Abstract: In the current time, mastering the rapid prototyping technology and equipments is a complicated question in Vietnam because of shorting of ability and finance for investment. In order to save currency from imported machine, the demand of research and mastering the new technology of rapid prototype machine, especially a program of control motion in Selected Laser Sintering (SLS) rapid prototype machine, is essential in our country in the purpose of manufacture a domestic SLS rapid prototype machine. This paper presents the design of a control program for the SLS rapid prototyping machine that is corporated to the hardward of our typical manufactured SLS machine in our laboratory. From the result of empiriments we considered that the performed program of control motion responded all the requirements of control as well as experimental adjustments of the technological parameters in our manufactured SLS machine. The results of testing the program via manufacture model products by SLS rapid



    Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 894, pp. 126-132, 2019, Switzerland, Trans Tech Publications Ltd.,

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