Autors: Yordanova, S. T., Gueorguiev B., Slavov M.
Title: Design and industrial implementation of fuzzy logic control of level in soda production
Keywords: Carbonisation column, Level control, Mamdani fuzzy logic control, Programmable logic controller, Real time experimentation

Abstract: The linear control techniques often fail to satisfy the high standards in the control of the contemporary complex plants accounting for the emerging importance of the plant nonlinearity, model uncertainty, variables coupling and disturbances from the industrial environment. The fuzzy logic controller (FLC)successfully ensures control system stability, robustness and desired performance in the whole range of plant operation. Despite the rapid theoretical development the reported FLC industrial applications are still only few. The aim of the present investigation is to design and implement a model-free FLC for the liquid level in a carbonisation column in soda ash production using a low-cost general purpose industrial programmable logic controller (PLC). The novelty is the design of a single-input-single-output FLC, the FLC transformation to enable its programming in a PLC and implementation of the PLC-FLC for the real time control of the level in a carbonisation column in ‘Solvay Sodi'



    Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, vol. 23, issue 3, pp. 691-699, 2019, Turkey, Elsevier, Open Access, ISBN ISSN: 2215-0986

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