Autors: Guliashki, V. G., Marinova, G. I.
Title: Optimization Approach for Improvement of Energy Efficiency of Buildings in a Microgrid
Keywords: Energy efficiency optimization, GridLab-D, GridMat, Matlab,

Abstract: This article proposes an optimization approach to building design, which leads to a reduction of energy costs for heating, cooling and lighting. The main optimization parameters are: window to wall ratio (WWR) and the type of glazing. Other parameters are: the level of insulation, the orientation of the building, the use of shading means (shutters / sunblinds and awnings) to reduce the necessary cooling energy during the summer season. The optimization problem is formulated for a microgrid consisting of three houses and operating in island mode (isolated from the main network). The simulations for summer and winter days, respectively, were performed using the open-source tool for modelling and simulation of complex systems - GridLab-D and the new Matlab-toolbox - GridMat. The optimization was performed using the Matlab-solver fmincon. The results show that the energy efficiency of buildings can be significantly improved through their optimal design.



    IEICE ICTF 2020, pp. 1-4, 2020, Serbia, IEICE Proceeding Series:, Online ISSN:2188-5079 DOI:10.34385/proc.64.ICTF2020_paper_5

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