Autors: Bitri, A. K., Marinova, G. I., Hajrizi E.
Title: Identifying Business Models characteristics through Business Model Canvas: A Case of Electronic Design Automation Industry, New Approaches in Innovation, Technology, Education and Development
Keywords: Business Model, Business Model Canvas (BMC), EDA industry, Technological innovations

Abstract: A clear understanding of the business model concept is a good and important start for being able to adapt to technological changes that might threaten a company’s stability in the market. This paper uses business model canvas as a tool to understand business models operating in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Industry. Three main business models are identified and discussed based on how they create value, generate profit and communicate with their customers. Business Models differences and characteristics are put in focus.



    , pp. 143-152, 2020, Spain, McGrawHills, ISBN ISBN: 9788418392511

    Вид: публикация в международен форум