Autors: Hadzhiev, I. S., Malamov, D. V.
Title: Short-Circuit Currents Modeling for a Wind Farm Connected in Parallel to the Electric Power Grid
Keywords: wind farm, short-circuit current, electric power grid

Abstract: This work presents the results from computer modeling of the short-circuit currents in a wind farm, connected to an electric grid of high capacity. The farm consists of eight equivalent SCIG-type wind generators, connected by a step-up substation 0.69/21/115kV to the electric power grid. The short-circuit currents are studied with computer model, which is synthesized in MatLab/Simulink. Results have been obtained for the transient current processes in case of three-phase, double-phase short-circuit and earth fault both with working and cut off generators. The influence of the moment in which a short circuit occurs on the short-circuit current peak has been studied. Results both about the peak and the steady state short-circuit currents in dependence on the location of occurrence and the type of short circuit have also been obtained.


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International Conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development, HiTech 2019, pp. 1-4, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/HiTech48507.2019.9128276

Copyright IEEE

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