Autors: Sofronova, D. A., Angelova, R. A.
Title: A method for testing of the conductivity decay of threads for embedded wearable electronic devices in smart textiles
Keywords: conductive threads, embedded electronics, smart textiles, washing

Abstract: The role of the smart textiles with embedded electronic components is continuously increasing. As the smart textiles involve conductive threads that are incorporated in the structure of a textile layer or the construction design of a garment, their characteristics, selection and long-life use are of particular importance. However, during the incorporation and maintenance of the smart textile, the conductivity of the threads changes. Our study aimed to develop and test a method for evaluation of the conductivity decay of threads at the design stage of the smart textile.The conductivity was measured by using different preliminary load on the threads and using different longitude of the thread. The method was applied for both single threads and threads already embroidered in a knitted textile layer. One, three and five cycles of washing were applied to evaluate the threads’ conductivity decay. The results obtained showed that the method can be successfully used for preliminary assessment.



    Comptes rendus de l'Acad emie bulgare des Sciences, vol. 73, issue 2, pp. 260-265, 2020, Bulgaria,

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