Autors: Blagoeva, B., Stoykova, E., Nenchev, M., Deneva, M. A.
Title: "Optimization of Fizeau Wedge Controllable Transmission"
Keywords: Interferometers, Fizeau wedge, beam splitter

Abstract: The paper presents analysis of the response in transmission for Fizeau interferential wedge in order to use this optical element as a beam splitter with a controllable ratio between the transmitted and the incident power. The wedge is formed by two highly reflecting flat surfaces inclined at a small angle. The power control is achieved by translation of the wedge along its surface. By using an angular spectrum approach for finding the distribution of the transmitted intensity, we have shown that reflectivity of the coatings and the wedge apex angle affect strongly the value of the displacement required for achieving a given change in the transmitted power. The experiments confirm the theoretical predictions.


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Journal of Physics and Technology, vol. 3, issue 1, pp. 8-13, 2019, Bulgaria, Университетско издателство „Паисий Хилендарски“,, ISBN ISSN 2535-0536

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