Autors: Deneva, M. A., Nenchev, M., Stoykova, E.
Title: "Interference wedged structures as light beam splitting elements"
Keywords: interference wedge structure, light beam controlled splitting, compact dielectric layer realization

Abstract: We present new competitive application of optical elements and structures built from interferential wedge with theoretical description and experimental verification. We have demonstrated that a conventional interferential wedge or a structure of two wedges in compact layered implementation can be used as attractive simple light power splitting element for spatially and spectrally narrow light beam. The element provide: 1) precisely and variably controlled ratio of the reflected and transmitted power by simple sliding in its plane of the list-like wedged structure; 2) division practically without energy losses; 3) power ratio control without change of propagation direction of the reflected and transmitted beams - essential for applications in optical schemes with complex geometry of the beams propagation; no optical properties variation of the reflective layers during the sliding; 4) working at high beam power densities MW/cm^2-GW/cm^2 and with high light damage resistivity.


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SPIE, vol. 11047, pp. 110471G-1-9, 2019, United States, The International Society for Optics and Photonics, DOI 10.1117/12.2516696

Copyright (2019) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

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