Autors: Borisova E., Jeliazkova Al., Pavlova El., Troyanova P., Kundurdjiev T., Pavlova, P. E., Avramov L.
Title: Reflectance spectroscopy of pigmented cutaneous benign and malignant lesions
Keywords: diffuse-reflectance spectroscopy, melanin, hemoglobin, dyspl

Abstract: The reflectance spectra obtained from normal skin in identical anatomic sites of different patients have similar spectral shape features, slightly differ by the reflectance intensity at different wavelengths, depending on the particular patient’ skin phototype. One could find diagnostically important spectral features, related to specific intensity changes for a given wavelength due to specific pigments appearance, slope changes by value and sign for the reflectance spectra curves in a specific spectral range, disappearance or manifestation of minima, related to hemoglobin absorption at 410-420 nm, 543,575 nm. Based on the observed peculiarities multispectral analysis of the reflectance spectra of the different lesions was used and diagnostically specific features are found.



    ,Eighth International Conference on Advanced Optical Materials and Devices (AOMD-8), vol. 9421, pp. 94210I, 2014, Latvia, Proceedings SPIE, ISBN ISSN: 0277786X , ISBN: 978-162841520-9

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