Autors: Pavlova, P. E., Garnevski D., Koleva K.
Title: Optimization of a motion tracking and mapping method based on images of the solar corona
Keywords: image processing; solar images; parralel programming; image

Abstract: The study presents the current stage of development and application of a motion tracking and mapping method, based on solar corona images. The object of dis- cussion is the problem of image processing during the extraction of features of interest in the sequence of solar prominences images. At first the method requires calculating techniques that ensure processing time-period commensurable with the time-period of the fastest developing part of the prominence body. That defines the necessity of op- timization of the basic algorithms. The paper describes results of test procedures on accepted approaches for reducing the operation time by parallel processing of the im- ages. The method also requires presentation of the lightness information independently of the sensor of particular coronagraph and image file format. This investigation proposes two techniques for achievement the identity of images from different instruments/sensors.



    Bulgarian Astronomical Journal, issue 24, pp. 99-106, 2016, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN: 1314-5592

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