Autors: Garnevski D., Pavlova, P. E., Petrov N.
Title: A technique for automatic image sequences alignment
Keywords: image alignment, image sequences processing, solar corona

Abstract: Many methods for processing a series of images using algorithms for correlating two images rely on the initial alignment of the objects on the input frames. Tracking the processes in the solar corona requires exact alignment in the positioning of the sun in the analyzed images. The question remains of the greatest importance when the images are obtained using terrestrial instruments - a coronagraph. This is mainly due to the fact that manual positioning of the coronagraphs can lead to a relatively large deviation in the position of the objects in two consecutive frames, which in turn will require manual image alignment during processing or analysis. The main task of this study is to create a technique for arranging two images of the solar corona that are obtained by a coronagraph. The problem relates to process of normalization of the objects view. That means - finding and fixing points inside of the image that allow calculating geometrical features.



    Proceedings of the XI Bulgarian-Serbian Astronomical Conference (XI BSAC), pp. 189-196, 2018, Bulgaria, ISBN ISBN 978-86-89035-11-7

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