Autors: Ivanov, S. C., Ivanova, Y. N.
Title: Research of the Impact of the Active Driver Circuit with a dv/dt Feedback on the Speed of a DC Motor
Keywords: Active driver circuit , MOSFET control , pulse control of dc

Abstract: Abstract: The main purpose of the present paper is to study the influence of an active driver with a feedback on the voltage derivative on both the speed and the average current value when performing pulse control of a DC motor. Studies with a conventional driver have also been carried out. A comparative analysis of the obtained experimental results has been made. An analysis of the harmonic composition of the voltage applied to the motor armature when controlling the motor by both the active and the conventional driver has been made. The change in the rotational speed of the motor, as well as in the average value of the current through the armature winding as a function of the pulse duty cycle has been studied experimentally. For comparison between the two drivers, oscillograms and results in tabular form are presented.



    2020 7th International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Agricultural Engineering (EE&AE), 2020, Bulgaria, ISBN:978-1-7281-0362-4/ DOI: 10.1109/EEAE49144.2020.9279016

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