Autors: Kakanakov, N. R., Shopov, M. P., Spasov, G. V.
Title: Time-delay simulation analysis of local controller networks
Keywords: Controller networks; Distributed Automation; Network Calculu

Abstract: In this paper simulation and analytical results for delay bounding and buffer size in switched Ethernet network are presented. Most of the calculations are made for the environment of Distributed Automation Systems where timing constraints are important. The traffic for the tests is from combined type - periodic constant bit rate and stochastic with Poisson distribution. The traffic mixture is made out of four different workloads mapped to the standard communication scenarios in distributed embedded systems environment. The prioritization schemes are mapped to the 802.1p traffic types. The analytical results are made using Network Calculus. The simulation is made using Network Simulator (NS).



    9th International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies and Workshop for PhD Students in Computing, CompSysTech'08, 2008, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1145/1500879.1500915

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