Autors: Kakanakov, N. R., Shopov, M. P., Spasov, G. V., Hristev, H.
Title: Performance evaluation of switched ethernet as communication media in controller networks
Keywords: Embedded communication, Fast ethernet, Simulation analysis

Abstract: The paper presents a simulation scenario for performance evaluation of switched Ethernet as communication media in controller networks. Ethernet is the most accepted Local Area Network technology, characterized with low price and deployment robustness. Using Ethernet instead of custom industrial communication protocol can ease the development of applications. The introduction of Fast Ethernet and micro-segmentation eliminates some of the biggest problems of using Ethernet in controller networks. This also enables integration of controller networks with the enterprise and global networks. The use of queue management discipline shows a lot of possibilities for achieving requirements for different type of services. The evaluation is by means of simulation analysis, using network simulator - NS2 as a tool. The results are used for studying the interactions in multi-tier model for distributed automation and for improving its communication performance ..



    International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies and Workshop for PhD Students in Computing, CompSysTech '07, vol. 285, issue 30, 2007, Bulgaria, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, DOI 10.1145/1330598.1330632

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